A 26" height adjustment range allows users to alternate between seated and standing positions, thereby reducing backaches, pains, stress, tension, and improves blood circulation.


A low 58 dB noise level ensures that the operation of the table does not inconvenience others in the office environment.


A standard 'C' leg configuration increases under table space giving customers the option of customizing their tables even further with an ergonomic keyboard tray helping create a complete ergonomic solution.


With a 1.6 in/s height adjustment speed, tables can quickly be adjusted from one height to another in a short period of time.


The table motors only use a combined 0.06W of standby power when not in use thus lowering the total cost of ownership for end users.


Every Liberty kit is shipped flat packed and is expandable with hinged legs that snap into position for easy assembly. Final assembly takes less than 30 minutes to complete.


The table frame kits can easily be adjusted to fit different table top widths (48"-96") making purchasing much easier for the customer.


Customers only need to order one-part number as all the required components for the table frame kit are in one box.


Exceeding most industry standards, the table frame has been designed and tested to support up to 264 lbs.


To improve end user safety the leg motors, have Anti-Collision protection that will stop and reverse the travel of the table when the table collides with a fixed object during operation.

The Liberty Frame Kit has been designed to provide a contemporary modern design feel to any office environment.


5 Year Mechanical and 2 Year Electrical Warranty.