Ergonomic Design provides high-quality office ergonomic products to enhance your comfort, safety and productivity. EDI created the original soft wrist rest in 1986 and has remained an innovative leader in the industry. Our company offers a wide variety of ergonomic accessories. Our products have been time tested for quality and user friendliness. 

Our manufacturing facility is located in Denver, Colorado. We have a large network of Dealers throughout the United States that can easily provide you and your company with support. 

As we know ergonomically correct workstations are an investment, not an expense. With the work force growing older and fewer younger workers to replace them, companies are finding it imperative to protect their employees from injury. Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) either is, or will affect most of the 45 million workers who use computer in their jobs. In addition to injury prevention ergonomically correct workstations will also increase productivity by as much as 15%. Many studies also show that there are many other benefits such as; reduced employee turnover, improved morale and improved quality of life. A conservative estimate is that for every dollar invested in safety, the return is between three and ten dollars. 

Job tasks and management of injuries will eventually work to reduce risk factors, injuries, and disabilities. When we are all on the same page, we have a better chance of achieving our goals as a safe and healthy environment; as well as a productive workplace. So rather than include ergonomics as a small and burdensome aspect of safety compliance, which we are forced to include in our already long list of documented programs, lean ergonomics assumes that ergonomics is pervasive and is incorporated into the operating systems. By integrating a system of ergonomics into existing systems of the lean workplace, we can reduce risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders, while increasing productivity, quality and morale.